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Peer Health's mission is to give people the power to connect and collaborate with healthcare peers just like themselves.

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Peer collaboration means better outcomes.

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Multiple studies show that more engaged patients have better health outcomes and lower rates of costly healthcare procedures. Validated programs like the Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) and the Health and Recovery Program (HARP) focus on peer led interventions to improve patient outcomes

Peer Health enables patients to connect with their peers by creating a Match Score that measures how close a member is to others from a clinical perspective.

It only takes a few minutes to generate a match score, and then members can start communicating with other peers just like them!

How does Peer Health work?

When a user creates their Peer Health account they fill out a short questionairre that identifies their unique health situation and conditions. This produces a Match Score from 0-5 between any other user on the site.

Members who have a high Match Score (4+) are connected with eachother to interact in a group who share similar circumstances, so every conversation is tailored just for them!

Stay informed with Peer Health user contributed stories and articles.

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Fellow Peer Health users bring each other up-to-date information about various health conditions and guidance through the Peer Health community platform. Peer Health enables people just like you to talk about their challenges and triumphs with an audience sharing similar situations.

Users engage with each other's stories and articles, building a true peer-to-peer healthcare community.

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What are people saying about Peer Health?

Madeleine Boyson, College student at Walla Walla University,
Lyme Disease

"As a patient myself, I am so excited to see the healthcare community get the boost and empowerment it needs through Peer Health. I've been searching for an app that provides me with specifically health-related peer-to-peer communication, and Peer Health does just that on a platform designed with me in mind."

Watch leading Orthopedic surgeon, Dr Mike Griewe talk about community, collaboration and education with Peer Health.

Peer Health's mission is to give people the power to connect and collaborate with healthcare peers just like themselves. People living with healthcare challenges of all types use Peer Health to share treatment options, provider recommendations, practical advice, quick remedies, alternative options and emotional support with people just like themselves -

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