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As online healthcare forums and websites proliferate, people are finding it harder to connect with others like themselves and find relevant information about their health. Groups on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have a “one-size-fits-all” approach that may not work for everyone. This is where Peer Health’s approach is different; Peer Health creates a match score (between 0 and 5) that measures how close a member is to others from a clinical perspective. Members first create their own personalized peer groups with people most like themselves that have a high PH (Match score of 4 or higher). Only then can members have conversations that are tailored for their circumstance and are presented with the most relevant healthcare information. In other words? Peer Health is the for peer collaboration based on a clinical PH (match score).


The Peer Health blog is cutting-edge, bringing you the most up-to-date information about various health conditions, walking you through the Peer Health community platform, and allowing people just like you to talk about their challenges and triumphs. We invite you to not only read our blog posts but to engage with our content and find your peer-to-peer healthcare support system through our community!
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"As a patient myself, I am so excited to see the healthcare community get the boost and empowerment it needs through Peer Health. I've been searching for an app that provides me with specifically health-related peer-to-peer communication, and Peer Health does just that on a platform designed with me in mind."
Peer Health's mission is to give people the power to connect and collaborate with healthcare peers just like themselves. People living with healthcare challenges of all types use Peer Health to share treatment options, provider recommendations, practical advice, quick remedies, alternative options and emotional support with people just like themselves -